Why We Designed It: Adjustable Cycle Skirt

Every woman has a few pairs of black bike shorts in her closet and it took her some time to find the right fit… the right chamois, the right inseam, the right fit around the thigh, the right fit around the waist to avoid the dreaded muffin top… There simply is no such thing as a one size fits all short. Continue reading

Saved By The Hero Kit


(Left: Out on the trails and prepared for anything with my HeroKit and Crash Pack on board!! Right: All cleaned up after a mountain bike crash … wish I’d had the Crash Pack with me instead of suffering until I got to the trailhead restroom and was able to wash it out.  Can you imagine what it looked like before I washed it?!)

by Andrea Paul

It’s a gorgeous morning to ride, we’ve all got coffee on board and my girlfriends are ready to roll :  Helmet & gloves?  Check!  Moxie Merino Wool Bolero & Moxie headband to cut that morning chill?  Check!  Kate’s Real Food Meal Bar & Water?  Check!  Pump, extra tube … Check!  And repair kit?   Ummmm….?  Continue reading

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Celebrating The Moxie In Our DNA

We all have a little Moxie in our DNA.  When life is threatened by cancer, there is no better embodiment of Moxie than of those touched by it pushing forward with sass and perseverance to live a life worth fighting for.  We are delighted to tell a story of hope and to work with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation to do our small part in seeking a cure.  In October of 2014, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Moxie will be launching a mini collection inspired by cancer patients, survivors and friends and family members supporting life that will include a Bolero, Colorblock-T and T-back jersey. Five dollars of every unit sold from the collection will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation where 100% of funds will go directly to cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  We’d love to have your involvement in producing a design that inspires life. Continue reading

How To Use Foam Rollers For Muscle Recovery

foam roller exercises | moxie cycling co


After a long day of cycling or running, you are likely to experience tired or tight muscles and tendons. One of the best DIY ways to release tension in these areas is to practice foam roller exercises to massage deep down and really work out the lactic acid and knots that may be interfering with your muscle recovery. Continue reading

Girl Talk – How to prevent saddle sores


Girl Talk - How to prevent saddle sores


Ahem… if there are any gentlemen in the room, be warned  - we’re about to have some “girl talk” that might make you a bit uncomfortable.

Ladies, if you’re new to cycling or spinning, you may or may not have experienced a dreaded “saddle sore” yet. Heads up – there’s a pretty high chance you will at some point and they are not fun. It’s not anything you’re doing wrong or that you’re unclean, it’s an unfortunate nature of the beast. Honestly, how hygienic can strapping a sponge to your bottom while you sweat for x amount of time really be, right??

Below you’ll find a few tips for avoiding saddle sores, skin irritations, and other issues in your sensitive areas…  Continue reading

How To Beat The “Winter Blues”

Beat the winter blues - naturally! Here are 3 tips from Moxie Cycling...

3 Tips to help you beat the winter blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder hits a lot of people hard this time of year… “In fact, some 15 million people (three-fourths of them women) suffer from a depressive condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can have symptoms like low energy, carb cravings, weight gain, and dwindling sex drive”… YIKES! 

Vitamin supplements are available over-the-counter for the winter blues, but if you can tackle it naturally – why not?! Here are 3 tips we recommend for boosting your mood and hopefully shaking away any SAD you may be experiencing – the natural way:  Continue reading

How to Commute During the Winter

Well ladies & gents, winter is upon us… *sigh* If you’re like me, now is when I begin asking myself each morning “It’s _ degrees out. Do I seriously want to ride into work today?” More often than not, the answer is yes. To put it simply, I love commuting. It’s free, I get a quick workout in the morning and evening, I don’t have to fight for a parking spot … the list can seriously go on and on. 

I’m pretty lucky in that I live and work in Minneapolis, one of the most bike friendly states in the U.S., and my commute is not only short, but pretty safe traffic-wise. The downside? It gets cold here. Real cold. Figuring out how to prepare for fall and winter commuting takes time. And, in my experience, it takes a days of being way overdressed plus a few days of being way underdressed to work out the kinks.  Continue reading